Equipments – The demand at the water refilling stations – an alternative source of drinking water supply – is now increasing specifically in Catbalogan Samar. – (Equipments)

What make us stand out against competitors?

Firstly, We use New High End Water Purification Machine Equipment to cater your Drinking Water Needs.. 

Secondly, We maintain the cleanliness of our equipment through cleaning it everynight before we sleep.

Lastly, it’s safe Aqualyn water stations use a tried and tested purification process that eliminates all harmful elements in the water.

You’re sure that what you have is pure and safe drinking water.

Should I use a Water Vendo machine?

Coin based water dispenser system is fully automated system that enables the user to get water automatically

without wasting any time by just inserting the 1 peso bill coin in an automated machine.

Normally in remote areas such as mountains or desert land forms,

the supply of water is a very difficult task because lake of human life or electricity.

Beside this, in shopping malls, supper stores, universities or community centers where when any one wants

to just drink water or cola then he wastes so much time due to long row of customer. 

Water Vendo machine for Business purposes and helping people!
clean, safe and affordable drinking water!!!!
FOR ONLY! * Php10,000.00

Enjoy the convenience of water vendo machine for just PHP 1, whether filling your gym bottle, pitcher or your favorite glass for a quick and convenient drink. Start by taking a closer look at the different options available in one of our products.