What are the benefits of water refilling stations in the community?

– (Frequently asked questions) We can get enough water every time we need it. We provides an affordable, Well maintained clean water. and cater to your Drinking Water Needs.

– We can be assured of clean water from water refilling stations. Aqualyn make great taste, naturally! Our bottled water is produced to meet quality and safety standards.

– Water refilling stations filter their water supply. They make sure that it won’t harm or poison their customers.

– Most of them maximize the use the water. They don’t waste it. They just recycle it through filtering again. So it is “eco-friendly”.

Is Aqualyn products safe  during pregnancy?

frequently asked questions
aqualyn is safe during pregnancy

Aqualyn is perfectly safe to drink during pregnancy. In fact, much like tap, spring or filtered water, mineral water can be a good option to help you stay hydrated. Stay hydrated, choose aqualyn!

Do you offer Delivery?

We deliver

-Yes we delivery. It will be easy for you to ask for water supply all the time.

We make sure to our customers that the product will be

delivered on time. delivered directly to your home or office.

Everything you need to stay refreshed your way – all day long and all year round.

When can my Baby drink mineral water?

I’d recommend waiting until at least 2 years of age. Even then, there are reasons to stick with plain bottled or tap water.

First of all, babies younger than 6 months of age should drink only breast milk or formula, which contain all the water babies need, even in hot weather. (In fact, breast milk and formula are 85 percent water.) Giving water to a young baby can cause a very dangerous condition called water intoxication, which results when too much water causes too much sodium loss through the kidneys.