How to Beat the Water Refilling Business Competition

How to Beat the Water Refilling Business Competition

How to Beat the Water Refilling Business Competition >> Water refilling business is undoubtedly a promising and popular venture, especially

amongst first time entrepreneurs – since starting and managing a water refilling station is relatively easy; with enough hard work, budget, and the

right location. But for the same reason, the competition is also very tight for water refilling business owners, not to mention all the challenges and

responsibilities that comes with it.


But we’re not here to dishearten you, because the truth is, if you work hard enough and follow-through the recommendations I’ll mention below, water refilling business is financially rewarding.

Offer 24/7 Service

If you want be one step ahead of your competitors, then you might want to consider operating 24/7. People doesn’t only look for businesses who can provide them what they need, but they also consider the accessibility and reliability. And if they can rely on your service anytime of the day, they’ll eventually become your loyal customers.

Mean Business

Although water refilling is a humble business and categorized as B2C, it’s important to be professional at all times and implement operation standards. Don’t neglect the obvious. Offer a friendly customer service, keep your store and containers clean, implement proper sanitary practices and provide uniforms to your staff. This doesn’t only make them look tidy but this also helps with your branding.

Meet Your Obligations

Some owners postpone maintenance, forget bookkeeping and delay or avoid tax obligations in order to cut cost. But this quick and dirty fix does more harm for your water refilling business in the long run. The moment you lose a customer due to poor drinking water quality, it’s harder (almost impossible) to gain back their trust.

Invest in Marketing

Marketing is crucial for any business, big or small. More so if the competition is tough. Start with a consistent branding, distribute flyers or post printed ads if you have enough budget, and offer a loyalty program for your regular customers. Because even if you follow through the recommendations I shared above, it won’t matter much if people haven’t even heard of your business.

Get Found Online

How to Beat the Water Refilling Business Competition

If you can’t afford to print out flyers and marketing collaterals, take advantage of online platforms to attract more customers. For instance, you can create a Facebook page for your business, update your customers with relevant content regularly, and be responsive to online inquiries.

But it’s understandable that if you’re not used to “facebooking”, it’s a pretty daunting task. Plus, you need additional time to create new content to keep your page updated.

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