Hurdles in providing water bottles service

Maintaining deliveries. The biggest hurdles we had is to maintain deliveries when there are a large number of orders that are to be delivered on the same day.

Many a times, we fail to properly allocate their drivers as the same delivery area was allocated to multiple drivers.


Manage Inventory. Due to manual work, it is quite difficult to keep the record as to how much inventory it has in stock.

Aqualyn ensure that the solution keeps the track record of inventory of water bottle.

We also ensures that the entire sales process runs optimally.

Delivery record. We fails to keep a record of each delivery when water bottles needs to be delivered on a daily basis or several times.

Our Drivers also face an issue to manage number of bottles delivered per day to each customer.

On the other hand, there are also chances of miscalculation of delivered bottles by the customers.

Missed delivery & customer complaints.

There are multiple aspects that may contribute to missed or late deliveries.

Missed deliveries commonly happens because either the customer wasn’t available at home to accept delivery, or their address was not correct etc.

This causes dissatisfaction in the customer and increases the customer complaints; at the end we lose customers which eventually results in loss of revenue.

New deliveries. We requires a solution which allows us to accept a new delivery request as soon as an online order / phone call / email / web inquiry comes in.

Moreover, customers also prefer to place an order online due to its convenience.

Moreover, customers also prefer to place an order online due to its convenience.

Using last mile delivery solution; business can save time and in return business can use it to focus on other key aspects of the business.