Water Awareness

Water Awareness

Water Awareness >> We can’t explain its taste, but we need it every day.

We can’t describe its colour, but we see it every day. We use so much of it, yet there’s so little of it. Can anybody guess what it is?

Its “water”, as many of you may already know its Water Awareness week. I am here to Increase public awareness and understanding of water issues and to encourage people to use water wisely.


You may be wondering since water is used significantly worldwide, how are we able to conserve it. The answer is simple, it all starts with you.

There is numerous ways in which YOU can save water.

To say a few would be check for leaks, consider the amount of water use while washing dishes or showering, avoid any unnecessary use of water, don’t water your garden on a rainy day etc.

those method may seem too simple and may not be able to save a great amount of water but if everyone do it consistently a significant amount of water will be saved, every single drop of water counts.

Your action might not only be able to save water but you might inspire other individuals to do the same and consequently a great quantity of water will be conserved.

water awareness
water awareness

You could also inform people you know about how easy it is to save water. Your action may be just like the first domino that falls which triggers a series of events. 

There are many water conservation campaigns which are intended to save water by raising the public awareness; this could be done through many ways such as advertisement, posters, and education. You could get involves in those campaigns by doing so you are indirectly saving water. 

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