Water Refilling Station-The Income Assurance in Owning this Business

Water Refilling Station-The Income Assurance in Owning this Business

Water Refilling Station-The Income Assurance in Owning this Business

Water Refilling Station-The Income Assurance in Owning this Business >> You might be discouraged to build your own water refilling

station at this stage in time, taking into consideration the levels of competition as well as the serious economic situation.

As discouraging as it appears, you might like to look at the entire story first prior to closing the novel on all its sections. 

It’s correct that you’ll be rivaling numerous, but with the growing society, 100 million against one thousand water refilling station is not actually near equal proportions.

There’s simply no indication of a population drop or a halt in the surge of pollutants as well as toxic contamination anytime later on.

Should the pattern carries on, there will come an occasion when having water purified as well as treated is not an option but a necessity.

Alternatively, you can look at the earning possibility that can make all the difficulties you’ll encounter worth the money eventually.

Here’s a rundown for the worst case circumstance.

Your maximized capital expenditure when owning a water refilling station business would be P500,000.00 That may be,

the water refilling equipment is priced at P250,000 and the rest is used on the building of the store

(at least 20 sqm.), logistics (pedicab or even e-bike), processing of all the fees, and purchasing all of the needed items such as pots as well as stickers.

Your manpower fees each month can go as much as P16,000, if you include the wages of your staff.

That’s 200 daily for your driver, refiller and the other helper (either working the counter or perhaps transport).

Overall, each and every will get a salary of P5200 a month or even an estimate of P16,000 for all workers.

The monthly electrical and phone bill put together will cost typically P4,000.Allocate P1,000 for other possible bills,

and you’ll end up with a P21,000 operation cost monthly.

However if you can provide 50 40-gallon containers each day at P40.00 for Thirty days, you will get P60,000 in per month income.

If you take away your month-to-month operational charges of P21,000 you still have P29, 000 revenue left.

With earnings such as this, you will need at least 17 months for you to recover your investment.

Needless to say, in reality, that’s actually not bad since your initial investment can go lower than P500, 000.

It’s probable you can limit the size of your store, thus lowering construction costs.

If you’re able to find a supplier that can present quality tools at a good price, in that case your expenses can go lower still.

Overall, obtaining P300,000 could be enough so that you can have a good water refilling station, particularly with the growth of quality suppliers these days.

For the operation part, you can most likely hire just 2 staff since you can assist supervise the business.

Don’t try to cut down the cost of your products as well as services; imagine ways to create a great value-for-money experience among your clients. 

Focus on quality and service, as well as perform procedures such as ensuring your storage containers are tightly sealed,

assuring promptness of transport, providing a money back guarantee, or releasing useful flyers that concentrate on the

health benefits of your water. 

Overall, you have to bring to mind strategies to improve your quality and bankability as a water refilling station, instead of engaging in a cost cut competition.

Finally, don’t expect to have a lot more than 50 deliveries a day the instant you start off. Orders can rise in the subsequent months,

plus it probably will considering that you’ve prepared for this business some time before, bearing in mind numerous components:

the location, competition and also obligations. Once again the worst case circumstance isn’t in fact so bad once you think about the exciting financial

rewards you’ll obtain from the very best case situation of this business.

The truth though is this: you need to do your research to find out if this

industry is for you, if there’s still a place in your town you can squeeze in, or if you have the passion to go after the competition.

To make it easier, you can find a water refilling station dealer that’ll be transparent enough to

inform you if you can be one among the many wealthy fans of healthy water business. 

If you have what it takes, you’ll be earning as long as there’s excellent purified, mineral as well as Aqualyn flowing.

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