What every consumer needs to know?

What every consumer needs to know?

What every consumer needs to know >> Pure, clean water is essential to the human body: 

it protects our organs and tissues, carries nutrients from oxygen to our cells and regulates our body temperature.

oxygen to our cells and regulates our body temperature.

On the other hand, drinking contaminated water leads to some pretty big risks –

What every consumer needs to know?

stomach illnesses, intestinal problems, kidney damage, and in some cases, even an increased risk of cancer.

Thus, many households try to be vigilant with regard to the safety of their drinking water.

If you allot a part of your family’s budget to the regular purchase of bottled or refilled water, you need to know the full story behind each liter.

The rise of water refilling stations

Firstly, Traditionally, getting clean drinking water in the Philippines meant boiling tap water at home. 

Secondly, When water-refilling stations came along, their biggest selling point was convenience; clean drinking water was delivered straight to your door,

and the deliveryman would be back to pick up your empty containers. The sanitation process was taken out of your hands.

features of water refilling station
Meet the owner

Thirdly, Over the last few years, the number of water refilling stations across the country has risen.

Lastly, Around 60 percent of Metro Manila residents and 40 percent of households nationwide now get their water from a delivery service.

Further, According to Unilever Brand Manager Brian Duruin, trust is a big reason behind the success of this business.

“Most people do not trust the safety of tap water for drinking [anymore],” He says.

“A lot of people still have fresh memories of outbreaks of cholera and amoebiasis before the water system in Metro Manila was handled by

Manila Water and Maynilad.”

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